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The Referee Pathway

As the current NZ Pathway states there are 4 levels to refereeing. These are

  • District
  • Regional
  • National
  • ICF

These pathways start generally at our winter league A & B grades, and those who are interested in moving into national league refereeing. 

If you wish to be assessed at this level then please contact us on to gain your qualification. 

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2023 ICF Canoe Polo Rules (Current)

Some great points on all you need to know about Refereeing

Deliberate Foul Clarification (August 2022)

Hand signals and the rule they relate to

District Level Referees Course

Pause this as you go and take a look at some really good information before you look to sit your district level referees test. You will also need to refer to the current 2022 ICF rule book aswell. Link can be found above.​​​​​​​

Other documents you might be interested in reading